Dollhouses are one of the most intricate and beautiful pieces of art that comes with beds and tiny chairs, tables and other furniture set up within the rooms. While the dollhouses were created to entertain the small children, it has the power to demand the attention of the adults as well.

A good quality wooden dolls house is crafted with attention to details so that every light fixture and carpet coverings are perfect. The dollhouses owners take a lot of pride in their dollhouses. They often add more decor items to their dollhouses to make it look more elegant.

While you might think that adding new items to your dollhouse is the best way to make it look good, know that you are mistaken. To make sure that your dollhouse looks as good as new, you should clean the dollhouse, as well as the furniture, regularly.

In the following section of this article, we will be offering you different tips about cleaning the dollhouse and furniture so that it always looks brand new.

Dollhouse Furniture Cleaning

  • Whenever cleaning the dollhouse furniture, try to handle them gently. Always remember that the wooden dolls house furniture is delicately designed, and the small parts of the furniture can be very fragile. So, while cleaning the furniture, it is fairly easy to break the leg of a chair or table.
  • When it comes to cleaning the furniture, dust is the major problem that you have to face. Try to dust the dollhouse at least once every week to keep the dust away.
  • Wooden Dolls HouseWhile cleaning the dollhouse furniture, use a damp cotton cloth. Don’t forget to wipe the excess water off once you have cleaned the dollhouse.
  • Avoid using any stain or spray. It can easily create a mess and could stain the fabric areas of your furniture. Only use the cleaning spray if the furniture does not contain any fabric part.
  • For cleaning the inside rooms of the dollhouse, you can use a vacuum extension. However, before doing that, make sure to remove all the furniture and accessories from the rooms first. It will prevent them from getting stuck inside the vacuum cleaner.
  • It is a good idea to rearrange the furniture in your dollhouse. Moving the furniture would give your dollhouse a fresher look, and it will also prevent dust from concentrating in the same area.
  • If you take all the furniture out for cleaning the rooms of the dollhouse, you should take this opportunity to touch up the paint of the walls or change the wallpaper of the rooms of the dollhouse.
  • You can use compressed air canisters to blow out the dust if you don’t want to move the miniatures during the cleaning process.
  • You can also try using the makeup brushes for dusting the furniture and other smaller items that are situated within the dollhouse.
  • Use the lens cleaning cloth to clean some of the larger furniture of your dollhouse.
  • You can also cover the open side of the dollhouse with plexiglass. It would prevent the dust from getting in, and you will not have to clean the furniture as often.

So, these are some of the cleaning techniques that you can use to clean your dollhouse. Use these methods to clean the furniture of your wooden dollhouse, and see whether they offer you any benefits.