Are you looking out for a mattress which is designed particularly for you by a local agency that puts your requirements first? We will test the Logan & Cove mattress vs other mattresses created by Canadians for Canadians. Logan and Cove is owned by a family-run agency Novosbed and believes in honesty and accountability. Their mission is to offer affordable, well-constructed products to their clients with a focus on luxury and comfort.

Read more and you will get to know about the thorough reviews for scores based on construction, firmness, motion transfer and edge support. These all key features made this brand to get the best reviews this year to determine that this product is the right feel for you.

Construction (Materials and Quality)

Logan & Cove mattress vs

This mattress is a hybrid which consists of both coils and foam. The bed is flattened and easily shipped inside a box. The company suggests that this mattress is fixed on a solid substructure, hence adjustable mattresses with a solid, paneled surface or unbending substructures without box springs and coils. The cover is formed using breathable Eucalyptus fibers to assist in moisture-wicking. The remaining pillow-top covers an inch of Cooling Gel Foam for regulating the temperature and Contouring Eco-Foam for relieving pressure. This Logan and Cove mattress stand 14 inches in altitude.

Firmness (Support and Feel)

The medium-plush version of this mattress got a score of 4.5 to 5 which is expected to feel medium soft or medium to most buyers. The luxury-firm model got a score of 7, which most people will feel as medium-firm or maybe firm based on their preference. The top layers being softer take a bit of time to reform. The firmer lower layers form again faster, assisting to reduce someone’s impressions when people move around on the bed. There is an essential bounce in the lower layers which works to help combination sleepers in repositioning. Stomach sleepers want a firmer feel to avoid their hips from dipping under the rest of the body. Back sleepers prefer the right spinal alignment and even weight distribution provided by this Logan & Cove mattress vs other brands. Side sleepers prefer the softer version as this model is made to reduce build-up in the hips and shoulders. The agency suggests a weight of 300 pounds for one sleeper covering a limit of 600 pounds for the whole bed.

 Motion Transfer

In spite of much bounce offered by the spring system, the pocketed coils perform to separate motion to prevent movement from traveling through the mattress. The foams also aid in absorbing motion thereby reducing motion transfer. This had made this product a great choice for couples as they are not expected to feel each other’s movement when they change position.

Edge Support

Logan & Cove mattress vs

The fortified foam railing across the perimeter of this bed is designed to offer exceptional edge support which increases the usable sleep surface. This is perfect for couples who require a bit extra room to spread out or people who love to sleep or sit at the edge of the bed.