Today user can make a comparison between the different doors that can be put in a garage. On the one hand, user will compare the sectional doors with the overhead doors, and on the other, the swinging doors with the roller doors.

The best option for each garage door Kanata may vary depending on your needs and the conditions of your home, that is, depending on the possibilities of adapting to the style of the rest of the house.

The automatic option will extend the life of the door, since when its movement is carried out smoothly and continually, its practical life is extended, in addition it will also offer extra security.

Sectional Door

These types of doors are made up of individual sections (instead of a single panel) that rise vertically towards the roof of the garage without taking up almost space.

The sectional doors are covered by sandwich panels, these panels are formed by two galvanized and lacquered sheet slats, injected inside with polyurethane foam.

This results in a panel of great robustness and with important insulating properties, both thermal and acoustic.

In the same way, there is the possibility of lateral opening, to the left or right, with the same horizontal operation and that will slide on the wall of your garage.

garage door Kanata

Tilt Door

The tilting door goes up all the way up, turns vertically on an axis to move from perpendicular to the roof when it is closed, or stay parallel to the roof when it opens.

You need a clear and available space outside the garage of approximately 1.20 m, which is the space that protrudes from the facade as it opens. To the being of a leaf one obtains an advantage of the garage and a minimum loss of the hollow of passage. Its operating system is based on a spring, mounted on a shaft that provides the necessary force to the lateral arms to finally raise and lower the blade effortlessly. This transmission system is hidden at the top of the door and the vertical guides are designed for minimal loss of passage.

There is also the counterbalanced or pre- tilted swinging doorm, which is chosen when durability and robustness is needed, is defined as a “lifelong” door. They are made of pre-lacquered sheet on galvanized steel. The inside of the panel is made up of polyurethane sandwich panel. It adapts to all types of hollow measurements and is very comfortable to automate the doors for all types of use.

Most of the counterbalanced garage door Kanata are composed of two panels that rise through arms offset by steel springs or weights in such a way that when opening the panel sheet is placed parallel to the ceiling.

The overhead door is the most used in indoor community garages because it is sold at a good price. It is manufactured mostly in stainless steel (iron + carbon) although you can also find them in aluminum and wood.